Selasa, 03 November 2009

I'm newbie on blogger ..

I decided to try I found there were remarkable contrasts between the software, the features, and the availability of support.

Blogger Home Page or is one of the most popular blog service providers on the Internet. If you have been blogging for quite some time, chances are you either used Blogger before or you are still using it now. The reason why many people are using Blogger is because it is FREE and very user-friendly. It's so simple that you can create a blog in 3 easy steps and start publishing your first post straightaway. Another factor is that Blogger is owned by Google, currently the biggest giant in the Web 2.0 age. Therefore, people tend to trust Google more than other blog service providers.

In terms of English blog company, Blogger has got a very strong competitor and its name is Wordpress. Wordpress has got two different blog platforms, namely and Some of my friends are using to publish their blog posts. However, does not allow the users to monetize their blogs. In other words, you cannot display any advertisements or affiliate links on your blog. Otherwise, you are risking your blog for being banned or suspended.

If you are using free blog services, you have to publish your blog on subdomain and the blog provider actually owns your blog. Of course you can host your Blogger blog on a custom domain name, just like what I am doing now. But most of the time, a Blogger blog uses web address at and it is 100% owned by Google. So Google can shut down your blog any time without prior notification. Note, this happened to, a personal blog of Tun Mahathir.
Hello Wordpress
Before this, I actually hosted anteavea Dot Com on my web host and used as my blog platform. is not just a simple blogging software, but it is more like a powerful content management system(CMS). The reason is is a free open source software whereby there are so many free plugins and themes online that you can use to empower your blog. For instance, by activating some plugins, your blog will be very Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. The only trade-off is that you have to pay for the custom domain name and web hosting account. Since you own your blog now, no one can shut down your blog except your hosting or Internet service provider.

My web hosting account in Indonesia is going to expire in late August. But I was too lazy to move anteavea Dot Com to my web host in the United States because it would consume much time and effort. Hence, I decided to start an entire new blog on Blogger while keeping as the custom domain name for my blog until I decided to using as custom domain. Initially, I was not very used to Blogger as it was way too simple! It was only after a few weeks when I discovered that i could actually do many modification on Blogger by implementing some legal hacking methods. So far, I am satisfied with Blogger and I hope it will not shut down my blog in the future.


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